Managing ADHD With Brain Gym

    Managing ADHD With Brain Gym

    Distracted Student in Classroom --- Image by © Wolfgang Flamisch/Corbis

    Brain Gym involves a series of simple and safe cognitive movements that can help overcome a variety of mental disorders, including ADHD. Children with ADHD often have difficulty concentrating and struggle to focus, causing the child to become uncooperative and disruptive. Symptoms differ from child to child, and aren’t always consistent, making treatment of ADHD a challenge.

    Brain Gym Movements are designed to stimulate mental faculties, but also help children to stay calm and able to focus on the task at hand. The exercises improve communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain by using whole body movements. These movements improve communication with the left and right brain hemispheres, helping the brain function more holistically, thereby decreasing hyperactivity and improving concentration.

    Brain Gym is widely used to treat ADHD because there is zero risk in practising these exercises, and they can be done at home without the supervision of trained medical professionals. Brain Gym can be practised at home with the help of parents, and the exercises can be done at any time of day (whenever needed, or as part of a routine). It is also a powerful method of reinforcing the bond between parent and child, and is a holistic approach that allows parents to directly treat the symptoms of ADHD without the use of medication.

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